Nest Arcade is a platform built on Solana where users can play dozens of P2E games all in one place. Fuelled by $NEST
Nest will be the first ‘play to earn’ arcade app on the blockchain. The goal is to massively accelerate blockchain adoption through a remarkably simple app such as Netflix but for mini-medium scale games.
Players will be able to own their in-game characters using NFTS and play them in a variety of Play To Earn games.
Nest will use their own SPL token ($NEST) for the projects currency as well as Solana.
Each on-platform operation would be priced in fiat and payable in SOL or in $NEST. This double pricing is aimed to drive $NEST price dynamic. The prices will not be automatically adjusted so that they can diverge and are arbitraged by the players.
Low $NEST price is an incentive to pay in $NEST driving demand, When the price of $NEST is too high this incentives players to pay in SOL thus creating a price equilibrium
Nest is a combination of 3 rapidly increasing multi-million-dollar markets: NFTS, mini games, and play to earn, all merged by blockchain technology.
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